A’s, B’s and Lemmings

A’s, B’s and Lemmings


FIT and FAST Training – October Week #12

This week is an easier recovery week as runners prepare for the Sportsman’s Warehouse 15km and Triathletes start tapering for 5150 Ekurhuleni African Championships,

The Kaapse Hoop runners also did their longest run of 35k on Sunday so a few easier recovery days will allow the body to benefit properly from the long run.

We have had a good many weeks of consistent hill/quality and longer runs and your body needs recovery weeks on a regular basis.

Tomorrow – Tuesday we give the Hills a miss J and do a steady run over 10k with some advice from the coach on  how to run “downhills”.

Kaapse se Hoop has many downhills and of course Comrades is a down run – the ability to run down hills efficiently is a skill all runners should learn!

Typical Example:

TUE 20 OCT – Steady 10k with some downhill drills on Florence – ALL schools – via Riley, up Townsend to Acacia, Acacia to Florence, Down Florence to Concorde,

Concorde to the BP on King’s(6k Water stop), back along van Buuren to Riley at back to Jeppe. Come along for something different!

WED 21 OCT  – 10k easy recovery run – Captains choice – see below.

THU 22 OCT – Tempo – warm up 2km to BP in van Buuren – 7km usual Tempo route at your 21k race pace controlled running with 2k easy cool down jog for a total 11km

FRI  23 OCT – Rest or easy 10k

SAT 24 OCT  – There is no official Club run on Saturday. Some of the Kaapse Hoop runners who can’t do the 15k on Sunday) are running 28k on Saturday leaving at 5am.

SUN 25 OCT – Sportsman’s Warehouse 15km at 06h00 – it’s a short race – please make sure you warm up properly with a 2 to 3k run before the race.

For information on joining Jeppe’s running schools, please email Kim Pain –admin@kwayjeppe.co.za