Beginners School (Fledglings)

Beginners School (Fledglings)


Tuesdays – Fridays:  5:00am from the Jeppe Quondam Car Park
Saturdays: 6am from  the Jeppe Quondam Car Park.
Sundays:  As per training programme/race


Between 7 – 8 mins / km

Fledgings (Beginners) Captain The main function of the Fledgings Captain is to take a runner who has never run or is very unfit and needs a running school to run with to get to the place of being able to run 8 – 10km’s comfortably. This runner may start with only being able to run between 2 – 3km’s. Once able to run 8 – 10km’s the runner would be moved up to either the Social School or B School, dependant on goals. Desiree Gaddie
Fledgings School Vice Captain Backup and assists Captain with the smoothe running of the school. Morris Mensky

For information on joining Jeppe’s beginner’s school, please email Kim Pain –