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Thank you for your enquiry to K-Way Jeppe Quondam Athletics Club.

Please see below information with regards to fees, kit, running groups, pace, times, distances etc.

With regards to information on K-Way Jeppe Quondam Athletics Club please take note of the following:

  • Attached herewith is the Membership Application Form which you are required to complete and return to me with proof of payment of Membership Fees.
  • Membership Fees for 1 January – 31 December 2019 are as follows:

R1,600.00 – Individual Rate

R2,200-00 – Couple Membership

R590-00 – Scholars

R700-00 –  Students (25 years and younger)

R800-00 – 65 years and older

R590-00 – Country Member

However, on joining you would pay pro rata.

  • If you currently belong to a club a clearance letter is required from the club in order to transfer your license number to Jeppe.
  • If you don’t belong to a club and you require a license number please complete the attached license form. License Fee is R120 for a set of license numbers and R60 for Juniors (under 20 years).
  • Kit is purchased via me. Attached please find the kit’s price list.  On joining you will receive a FREE K-Way Jeppe T-shirt.
  • Training – please see below with regards to the training times and various training groups.

Banking Details

Below are the banking details for fees, kit, license numbers, etc.

Jeppe Quondam Athletics Club

Standard Bank

Bedford Gardens – 018 305

A/C No.:  022 521 976

Ref:  Your Name

K-Way Jeppe’s Coach

K-Way Jeppe is very proud to say that we have our very own Coach, Derick Marcisz, who gives us training programmes to follow regardless of the distance of the race or your goal.

Derick incorporates quality and recovery runs or walks. 




Walking School – Captain Debbie Marcisz and Vice Andy Michalaro
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays : 05h00 from the Jeppe Quondam Car Park for one hours walk.
Saturdays :  No Walk
Sundays :  10 – 14km at 06h00 (Summer) and 06h30 (Winter)

Training Pace : 8 – 10 mins / km. No walker is left behind.

Details as per Walkers Weekly email. Contact Debbie Marcisz on

Fledgings (Beginners School) – Captain Desiree Gaddie and Morris Mensky

This is the ideal school for total beginners to running.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays:  05h00 from the Jeppe Quondam Car Park for 5 to 9km run.

Saturdays:  06h00 for a longer run up to 15km.

Training pace : 6 ½  – 8 mins / km over shorter distance. No runner gets left behind.

Details as per Fledglings Weekly email. Contact Desiree Gaddie on


Social School – Captain Sean Du Toit
This is a group that meets to simply enjoy a run together without following a structured program.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays:  05h00 from the Jeppe Quondam Car Park
Saturdays: As per arrangement with fellow runners.

Training pace : 6 ½ – 8 mins / km

If you are interested in “social running” only contact Sean on




We have 3 running schools as detailed hereunder.

Having 3 schools allows runners to “mix and match” during a training week depending on individual fitness and goals.

All running Schools train Tuesdays to Fridays at 05h00 with training accordingly to the Coach’s structured program with quality sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wednesday runs are recovery runs and then longer runs (15km plus) during our Comrades build up. Fridays are easy runs.

Saturday runs start at 06h00 in the months of August till end of May and 07h00 in June and July – distances are 15 to 20km with post run refreshments in our Barry Holland Room.

Sunday longer runs will always be advertised separately for ALL schools and these will start at 06h00 for runs up to 3 hours and 05h00 for runs above 3 hours.


A School – Captain Gary Smith

Training pace 4 to 5 mins/km.

This school is suitable to runners with Comrades times / goals 7hrs to 8hrs 30 minutes and a marathon time of around 3h10 / 15 minutes.

Lemmings School  – Captain Neil Miller and Vice Jimmy Matthews

Why the name “Lemmings”?? this comes from the mid 90’s when many A runners were not keeping up with the faster guys but were too fast for the B runners and so the “Lemmings” or Middle School was born based on the legend of the “Lemmings” running off cliffs! (Chasing the A’s).

This school is suitable to runners with Comrades times / goals 8h30m to 10h00 and a marathon time of around 3h20 to 4h00.

B School – Captain Shaun Lambson and Vice Natalie Zeid

The tradition of the B School is to always turn around at the “drinks” point to go back and “fetch” any slower runners – no runner gets left behind!

Training Pace is  6 – 7 mins / km. This School is suitable to runners with Comrades times / goals 10h00 to 12h00 and a marathon time of around 4h00 to 5h00.

Triathlon Schools

We have two triathlon training groups – the A Group led by Alan and Graeme Carrington and the Tri Bees by Bryan and Julia Webster.

Run Training is done with the running Schools on any week days you choose and Saturdays for a longer run.

Bike Training during the week is done indoors (home trainers/ spin classes / whatt bikes).

Sundays are for longer bike rides from 2 to 5 hours with start time dependent on the distance but usually between 05h30 and 07h00.

Ride details are communicated on the Tri Bees Whatsapp group each week.

Swim Training is mainly done individually during the week and in summer both groups aim to do Open Water swims on Saturday afternoons.

Complete novice triathletes wishing to do their first ever triathlon are encouraged to join the Coach’s Dare To Tri (DTT) Group – Contact Derick on

Should you have any queries please feel free to either contact Derick Marcisz on 082 777 7760 or or Kim Pain on 082 888 1310 /

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