Keep It Conscious

A place where your entire being (body, mind and soul) can find some peace, calm, clarity and most importantly a realignment of energies.

The thing that we battle with the most in this reality is the constant flight and fight program in our logical minds. When we function from our logical minds, it is a very limited way of functioning and we almost tend to be on auto-pilot through life.

Through the various therapies offered you will feel reconnected to your passions, to your intuition and be able to achieve and receive far more than you have possibly been allowing yourself to receive before.

Now is also the time for more people to be choosing to function from more awareness and consciousness in their own everyday lives. When you are functioning more from present moment awareness, it is easier to avoid stress and it is easier to detangle yourself from situations that may be causing you more harm than good.

Therapies offered: Access Bars (also known as defragging your brain); Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy.

The Practice is open Mondays to Fridays only. Sessions are either 60 mins or 90 mins depending on which therapy you choose. For more information, please feel free to contact Marie-Claire on 083 453 2129

Services offered:

🔸Infinite Being Coaching

🔸Access Bars Therapies 

🔸Access Body Process Therapies 


🔸Past Life Regressions

🔸What’s App Monthly Motivation Membership

Contact Information:

Mobile: +27 83 453 2129

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Instagram: keep_it_conscious


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