Comrades training program – MAY #10

Training this weeks is basically same as last week but we now cut back on the distance of the longer runs.

Friday “stride out” sessions should be carefully considered based on whether you did Thursday speed session and what runs you are doing on the weekend.

For most runners (Bill Rowan and slower) the “stride out” session on Friday is not a good idea after Thursday’s speedwork.

It is important for Comrades runners to focus on staying healthy and not getting injured or ill. Seek medical help immediately if needed (Physio/Doctor).

Email me anytime if you need any advice.

TUE 14 MAY – Tempo – warm up 2km to BP in van Buuren – 6 or 7km usual Tempo route at your 21k race pace controlled running with easy cool down jog.

WED 15 MAY – 10km easy recovery run captains choice.

THU 16 MAY  – 1km repeats – the session takes place on a circuit in Morning Hill:  4 x 1km repeats controlled fast running (10sec faster than 5k race pace) with 400m recovery jog plus warm up/cool down 11k.

FRI  17 MAY – Rest or easy 10k or “stride outs” depending on whether you doing two runs on the weekend

SAT 18 MAY –  06h00 – 15km captains choice – Pat and Andy will be open for post run refreshments as usual

SUN 19 MAY – 06h00 – 2 to 2 ½  hour easy run – captains choices.  RAC 10km is also a good race option.