Comrades training program – APR #06

This week is a recovery week for everybody. No Hill repeats and no Big Beryl.

One quality session on Tuesday 4km out easy and 4km back fast and then all other runs are easy 8 to 10km.

The coaches beginners group will run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the club at 05h00 and on Saturday at 06h00 for our 4km time trial.

All runners are welcome to join me for something different on Saturday morning and do a good fast 4km.

All runs this week are at 05h00 and Saturday at 06h00.

I have not scheduled any other runs over the Easter weekend, those that are not going to Two Oceans or doing any of the Easter club runs, please make arrangements to run via your WhatsApp groups.

The next training mail will go out on Tuesday 23 April, however this email also includes the Tuesday and Wednesday training after Easter.

TUE 16 APR – Tempo – 4km out easy to BP in van Buuren via Riley and 4km back fast, finishing with a easy cool down jog around the oval.

WED 17 APR – 10km easy recovery run – captains choices.

THU 18 APR  – 8 to 10km very easy recovery run – captains choices or rest if you racing Two Oceans on Saturday.

FRI  19 APR – Rest

SAT 20 APR –  06h00 – Captains choices (10 to 15km) or join the Coach for a 4km time trial (Essexwold loop). Pat and Andy will open for refreshments.

TUE 23 APR – 10km steady run – Captains choice.

WED 24 APR – Big Beryl 16/18km – This is the final Big Beryl run of the season. A school 04h15 and Lemmings and B School 04h20.

There will be a 10k run at usual 05h00 for those wanting a shorter run.