Comrades training program – MAR #04

Training continues with good attendances at all training runs.

March and April are the months for doing longer runs and the weekly mileage also increases. 

Please listen to your own body to make sure you don’t “overtrain” and get injured or ill.

Peer pressure often means we run when we should be taking a rest/recovery day.

Everybody reacts to train loads differently and doing too much or running recovery/long runs too fast can easily lead to injury.

This weeks we do Florence Hill repeats on Tuesday adding one repeat to last week’s number.

Wednesday is Big Beryl number three and on the weekend the Sunday long training run is the Jackie Gibson.

With many of our Comrades runners doing the Jackie Gibson 42k on Sunday as training, Saturdays run will be captains choices for distances from 10 to 15km over flat route. An option is to do “stride outs” on Friday and rest on Saturday.

Drop me a mail or whats app message if you need any help with your training.

TUE 26 MAR – Florence Hill repeats (5 to7) – adding one repeat each week  with a warm up and cool down jog = 9 to 10k total run.  The Hills should be run at a controlled pace concentrating on form. Alternative option of easy 10k recovery run on the same route (Theo Jackson).

WED 27 MAR – Big Beryl 16/18km – start times A school 04h30 and Lemmings and B School 04h20

There will be a 10k run at usual 05h00 for those non Comrades runners.

THU 28 MAR  – 10km very easy recovery run – captains choices

FRI  29 MAR – Rest or easy 10km or “stride outs”

SAT 30 MAR –  10 to 15km – Captains choice – Pat and Andy will open for refreshments as usual.

SUN 31 MAR – Jackie Gibson 21/42km at 06h00 and 10k at 06h30