Comrades Training Program – MAR #03

Training continues to go well with a full car park on most weekdays.

Last Wednesday we did our first Big Beryl run and this week we do it with the sun shining, as we will run the 16 or 18km route on the public holiday Thursday starting at 06h00 with Pat and Andy providing usual post run refreshments.

On Tuesday we start our Florence Hill repeats which have been a cornerstone for Jeppe’s ability to handle the Comrades Hills on the Up run.  Run these repeats controlled concentrating on “form”. Usual weekend longer runs.

Those runners who did the Om Die Dam 50km will need some easy recovery days before resuming hard training.

We will also be doing a long run on Saturday morning arranged by Kim – 30km Zoo run starting at 5am for those not able to do a long run on Sunday. 

TUE 19 MAR – Florence Hill repeats – 5 or 6 repeats (adding one each week) with a warm up and cool down jog = 9 to 10k total run The Hills should be run at a controlled pace concentrating on form. Alternative option of easy 10k recovery run on the same route (Theo Jackson).

WED 20 MAR – 10km very easy recovery run – captains choices

THU 21 MAR – Big Beryl 16 or 18k – 06h00 – Pat and Andy will serve post run refreshments as usual.

Aside from being Human Rights Day it is also World Down Syndrome Awareness Day – see attachedand lets all wear “mismatched socks” on Thursday to support those Jeppe families effected by Down Syndrome.

FRI  22 MAR – Rest or very easy short run – “stride outs” session not recommended this week after Beryl and a weekend of longer running ahead.


  • Long run – Zoo 30km (3h30m) at 05h00 arranged by Kim
  • Coaches route 10/15 or 18k at 06h00 – Pat and Andy will open for refreshments as usual.

SUN 24 MAR – Long run at 05h00 –  3 to 3 ½ hours with Captains to plan routes or do the Run Zone 32km race as an alternative.

If you did Saturday’s  longer run, then do an easy 10/12k on Sunday if you feeling recovered.