Beginners running program

K-Way Jeppe is very pleased to announce our beginners running program starting on Tuesday 13th March at 05h00 from Jeppe Quondam

K-Way Jeppe has had a training group that caters for beginner for the last 6 years and this has been really successful with many of this group progressing from beginner to Comrades finisher, however we believe that there are still many people out there that would love to run but really don’t know how to go about starting to run. This is for those that would like to start running but have never really run before and we hope to provide these beginners with this opportunity to be part of our wonderful sport.

K- Way Jeppe is starting an 8 week beginners program that will take you from zero to a first time finish of 5km parkrun or 5km/10km road race.

This program is available to all K-Way Jeppe members as part of the club’s usual training.

Family/friends and non-members are welcome to join the program at a cost of R400 which if they decide to join K-Way Jeppe during the program will be offset against club membership fees.

What are the details of the program.

– 8 to 10 weeks to your first race and the program will start on Tuesday 12th March and finish targeting a parkrun or road race early May

– training will be at Jeppe Quondam club in the mornings at 05h00 with secure parking and showers available.

– we will train fours days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 05h00 and Saturday at 06h00

– ideally you should train at least 3 of the 4 days but aiming for 4 days as you get fitter you then have 3 days away from running which should include a rest day and then any other activity you may want to do  gym/swim/yoga etc

– the program will accommodate complete beginners who would need to combine walking with running and the daily distance would be 3 to 5km building up to 8 to 10k

– have fun training with like-minded people having the same goals.

– your “coach” training daily with you will be Derick Marcisz, the club coach for K-Way Jeppe athletics, who has been running for 49 years and cycling/swimming/triathlon for 20 to 30 of those years. He has been coaching athletes of all abilities for over 25 years and has competed at the front of all these sports but knows what it takes to coach novices.

Come along and join us for on the Tuesday 12th March, however you can join at any time during the program and we will accommodate you. 

Look forward to you joining this group and becoming a long term runner! 

Send me an email at the address below if you have any questions.

All runners, at one time or another, are beginners – all it takes is that first step!