Why Walk When You Are Pregnant?

Pregnant Walking
Some mothers walk all the way up to 9 months, especially if they were active before falling pregnant

Hey, you do it anyway, right? Here, some added incentives to take some extra strides every day:

  • It keeps your heart strong and your muscles toned. A stronger mother will have an easier time meeting the demands of motherhood.
  • It may help you have a shorter, easier labour.
  • It burns calories, which helps prevent excess weight gain.
  • It keeps your body fit, which offers protection from gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.
  • You’ll have an easier time exercising after you have the baby, because you’ll already have an exercise routine in place.
  • It eases constipation.
  • Anyone can do it, and it’s something you can do just for yourself before you have to focus on your baby.

KWay/Jeppe Walking Section welcomes pregnant walkers as long as you have the go ahead from your gynaecologist.

We walk Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 5h00 and Sundays from  6h30

Please contact the Walking Captain Debbie Marcisz for more info: damarcisz@hotmail.com