Walking in Winter


Summer bodies are earned in Winter

With winter on its way we are less motivated to walk despite the numerous benefits.

During winter you will burn even more calories as your body works harder to regulate your core temperature. You will build tolerance to cold weather.

Walking combats diabetes, high blood pressure, boosts your energy and promotes better sleep patterns. Most of all IT IS FUN!

The secret is dressing in layers, with the first layer being a synthetic one to wick sweat away from the body. The second layer can be fleece or wool for insulation. If necessary the outermost layer should be water repellent. So with a beanie and gloves you are set to get up and go.

At Jeppe Athletics Club we walk on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 5h00 and we do a longer walk on a Sunday starting at 6h30.

Keep away those WINTER BLUES and join us for a walk and talk.